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      To Feminists regarding Male Crisis:
      Something not understood could be much worse in the future

      Please correct me where I am wrong, but I feel feminists truly believe women must undergo some forms of retaliation from some Males in various ways before they are finally accepted as equals in the world economy. I feel women and feminists believe persons whether they be Male or Female are more or less given equal mental, emotional, social, and academic support as a group. Thus those areas being equal, there only remains, according to present medical or genetic model thinking, one’s ability or effort in determining one’s place in the world economy.

      Correct me if I am wrong. I feel feminists and women believe they simply must prove their credentials, experience, and knowledge to finally be accepted by men as equals. Then after this brief period in time, men and women will finally be able to respect each other on more even terms. I feel there is the belief that when this achieved the problems with the Male backlash will then slowly die off into history.

      Now, with that said. I feel the issue of Males falling behind academically and economically is perhaps an oversight not foreseen by many persons both feminists and those outside that circle. I sincerely feel truly educated and very wise feminists do not desire a Male Crisis. They truly wish Males and Females were competing equally in the classroom. Wise feminists know as I know that Males are operating in a very physical, power oriented world. Wise Feminists know that unless there is equality in the classroom their hopes for a peaceful future will not come to fruition. They know that without equality in the classroom, Males will fall behind to a collective point where a Male backlash will not just continue but will grow more and more intense over time. This bodes very poorly for society and yes, women in the future.

      Note this is a real problem for feminists everywhere, for they are only interested in equality, not superiority. I hope feminists are just as leery or doubtful as I am as to the outcome for equality given the reasons presently seen as causes for Females surging ahead academically and economically. The ideas presented are laziness or lack or willpower; differences in brain function or activity; lack of role models; lack of Male teachers or Male direction in the classroom; learning differences requiring different modes of instruction requiring more tactile instruction; or simply organic inferiority to learn information age skills. I hope those who have seen these suggestions are just as skeptical as I am as causes that can be adequately dealt with for society to achieve sufficient equality for Males and Females.

      I feel long before we look in those directions, we need to do a real heart felt check into just how Male and Female children and adults are treated. I really believe that until those areas are examined fully, society will do itself and many Males a very grave disservice by looking into organic differences as the cause for the current, international Male Crisis. I feel unless my theory is given serious consideration, the Male Crisis will only get worse and hopes for an equal outcome for feminists will take a more terrible turn in the future.

      I strongly suggest they look in multiple areas, but most of all look at the environmental differences in treatment I present in my learning theory. I will now present my learning theory for all to read, use, and copy either here in this article by e-mail in this article or as a separate article for all to have by e-mail later. I hope my theory and its cognitive tools are given serious consideration. I feel it represents the only real hope for Male to attain equality in society. It shows how our individual environments do greatly affect thinking, learning, motivation, and mental/emotional health, that creates much benefit or much lag in mental/emotional/social/acaemice growth over time. I feel it is this differential treatment we can now use tools for to help all students and yes, also help end the current evergrowing Male Crisis. My learning theory will go to all on request by e-mail at mayfieldga@bellsouth.net or mayfieldga@netzero.net

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