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      I live in Tampa Bay. All counties are chronic offenders in not hiring male elementary teachers I have been trying to get a full time position for some time but cannot even get and interview with a school. I complained again this year to HR and they referred me to the NEW teacher recruiter.

      Turns out she is a burned out former principal who’s school consistantly scored in the last percentile so they moved her to a job that has no consequence to the Board of Education. She told me everything I wanted to hear and assured me that she would do everything to help me get an interview.

      Four jobs came up, I faxed my resume to the principals and the recruiter assured me she would follow up with a personal call to the principal to assure me of at least getting an interview. Well, four jobs came up and she did NOTHING. Not one call, despite me keeping her well informed. I faxed her a letter saying based on “outcomes” in my dealings with her I will not be asking for any more “help.”

      Never heard from her again.

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