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      Why is it so hard for an individual to teach in California’s schools?

      The process of learning & educating has been in my blood for two generations, as my mother was a teacher in Mexico (now she’s retired). I grew up in sunny Los Angeles as a young Mexican-American with so many dreams & fulfillments for my future. I chose to be a teacher’s aid (Bilingual) from 1997-2002, while I was in college. I received my bachelor’s in Political Science & I even have a Masters’ in Education. The problem is that I never earned a credential in college, so I had to go to back to school for my credential (National University).

      After taking loans for over $40,000 for a single-subject credential (social science) & a multiple subject credential & finishing my Masters’ program. I’m having a hard time acquiring employment. Everybody wants a teacher with their credential intact & ready.

      I wonder how bad will the situation get before I have a mental meltdown and do something crazy? I have over $40,000 in loans, 10 years in college, multiple degrees and a lot of love for students and their education!

      I will keep fighting and looking for an entry in America’s educational doorways. In the meanwhile, this out of luck Mexican-American will keep his head up and wait for “Change”, a word that has been heard in the past 6 months so prominantly.

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      I suggest you jump ship quick. The teaching ship is taking on water fast and there is a glut of unemployed teachers. Here in Tampa Bay entry level teachers make $11 an hour. This is no joke as they start as substitute teachers. Can you live on $55 a day?

      Maybe you could if this were 1970 but not in 2008.

      The Florida legislature is considering a bill to gut the concept of tenure entirely. Jeb Bush has an organization that advises the legislature on the privatization of education.

      Re-train yourself in something other than being a teacher.

      Don’t wait…do it now.

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