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      Hello out there—I am working to put together an edited book proposal on men in early childhood—I have a publisher that has expressed interest in seeing the proposal.

      I am going to the World Forum on Men in Early Childhood–would like to hear from any of you that are interested in writing about your experiences or research/thoughts on men in early childhood….I will be presenting on Thursday of the forum so please look me up if interested.

      My focus is on how the women who work in ece environments create (or don’t) welcoming environments for the men who work with them. I am looking for both practical and personal chapters as well as research based chapters on topics such as: pay, male role modeling, inequities created in the ece environments because of the assumed roles for men, fear of having men with young children, creating male friendly environments–the usual hot topics for this field as related to men.

      My email is cmckay2csub.edu please email me with your ideas.

      Cary Larson-McKay

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      Hi Cary
      I attempted to email you, but there was no @ sign in you address so I made a guess that you were at Bakersfield. Anyway, here is what I attemp[ted to send to you:

      I read your posting on the Men Teach website and would welcome a discussion about your work. I am a kindergarten teacher with about 30 years of teaching experience. I have a PhD in curriculum and instruction, and I am co-chair of the NY State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching. I have co-authored an article on the relational aspects of teaching boys that was recently published in the Teachers College Record. Perhaps most importantly for your work, I teach on an otherwise all female faculty.

      If you would like to discuss your work further feel free to contact me.

      All the best,
      Eric Gidseg, Ph.D.
      New Paltz, NY

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