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    Even though our environment is currently female domintated, we do support and allow superhero play and we do teach the positives of superheroism as it is a particular interest of a few of our boys and some girls currently. With anything, there is balance. We do support this type of play in our center, we also promote prosocial positive behaviors that go along with it, balancing needs. I find that it is generally banned because of fear that it will eventually end up aggressive. As you say, boys do engage in this type of play naturally and we certainly try to send the message “that they do count”. I would empower any child to be heroic in their own ways, that supports moral development and I might add, preschool girls will become involved in this type of play and do themselves need to see themselves as superhero’s. As a young girl I was facinated by bat man, cowboys, and spider man. Let’s not forget that in my generation (1960’s) there were few female superhero’s to speak of if any at all.

    If you look at the needs of your children, if you look at kindness and helping behaviors, if you look at going above and beyond your abilities, it is a win win for all.

    Thank you for speaking of the topic. It is a good one and does need attention and it does need to be supported for all the right reasons.


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