Could more men in childcare have a real and lasting effect on the inherent prejudices of society?

Was it fortuitous or bad timing that we launched the London Network of Men in Childcare amid the Jimmy Savile scandal, not to mention the misguided Philip Schofield/David Cameron television interview and the Newsnight debacle? Ironically perhaps, we actually chose November 19 for the London Network launch because it was International Men’s Day! Either way, […]

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Increase in male trainee teachers in United Kingdom

Rising numbers of men are signing up to become primary school teachers, official figures show. But the data, published by the Teaching Agency, also shows there has been a fall in the number of trainee maths teachers. One in five of those on primary teacher training courses this year were male – about 4,100 men […]

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Why I became a teacher: I changed career to do something memorable

I did psychology at Birmingham University, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My final year project was on dyslexia and I really enjoyed the time I spent in classrooms working on this but at that point I didn’t think of teaching. When I left university I spent seven […]

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More Male Teachers in Chinese Kindergarten

When we think of kindergarten teachers, the first image that pops into our heads is usually of tender, versatile women. But nowadays more male teachers are willing to work in kindergartens and doing a great job. Still, many schools say it’s difficult to retain male kindergarten teachers because of low salaries and inadequate employee benefits. […]

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Men in Early Childhood- Colorado

On October 23rd, 2012, MEC held their first music event in collaboration with Clayton Early Learning. In attendance were Clayton Head Start students along with their fathers. With a total of 13 participants, children and fathers experienced three different stations. In Station 1 event goers constructed instruments using a variety of materials, Station 2 participants […]

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Where men make up 97% of the teachers?

How about Liberia, Africa. After getting back from the International Conference about men in early education in Berlin, Germany and reconnecting with my friend from Turkey, Ramazan Sak (you can read his interview here), I’ve been thinking about places in the world where the majority of teachers of children are men. That’s when I was reading an article […]

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