2017 NAEYC M.E.N. Interest National Awards

2017 NAEYC M.E.N. Interest Forum Champion for Men and Children Award James (Jim) St. Clair began his teaching career in 1970, and worked as head teacher, lead teacher, director, and college instructor. In 1985 became a Kindergarten teacher in the Cambridge Public Schools at Escuela Amigos and worked until retirement almost three years ago. At […]

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German elementary schools ‘rent’ male teachers

The Rent a Teacherman program aims to put more men in elementary schools. It’s about time: In the state of Bremen, where the project is based, more than 20 percent of elementary schools don’t have a single male teacher. For many German children, seeing a male teacher during their first four years of schools is […]

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“KNIGHTS OF THE KIDS’ TABLE” Men in Early Childhood Education conference in Winnipeg, Canada

Announcing the “KNIGHTS OF THE KIDS’ TABLE” Men in Early Childhood Education conference in Winnipeg, Canada. It is with great excitement we are announcing what we believe to be the 1st Can Am  (Canadian/American) conference on Men in Early Childhood Education (MECE). On May 24, 2018 we will be gathering ECE’s of both genders to […]

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Male teacher shortage leaving Australian boys without role models

An exodus of male teachers from the profession is due in part to a fear of being wrongly painted as a sexual predator, an Estimates hearing has heard. Education Minister Eva Lawler said the royal commission into child sex abuse had heightened those anxieties. Male teachers were sometimes wary of being alone in classrooms with […]

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Being a male teacher was my dream – until I was falsely accused

My day started like any other. I got up early and had breakfast. My girlfriend, who is now my wife, drove me to work. It was a beautiful, sunny day at the daycare centre where I worked, and the children were running around outside burning off energy after weeks of terrible weather. Sunny days in […]

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Why we need more men to become primary teachers in the United Kingdom

As a 24-year-old Primary NQT, there is one thing that separates me from the vast majority of my colleagues: I’m a man. As of the last academic year, 85% of teachers working in primary and nursery settings are female. The average primary school or nursery with under nine full-time equivalent teaching staff, of which there […]

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