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2017 World Forum Foundation – Men in Early Childhood Education proposals due

Would you like to be a part of the 2017 World Forum? Apply to be a presenter! Each session will have three to four presenters, with representation from multiple parts of the world. You may apply as an individual or you may propose your own panel of four presenters from diverse regions of the world. […]

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Where men make up 97% of the teachers?

How about Liberia, Africa. After getting back from the International Conference about men in early education in Berlin, Germany and reconnecting with my friend from Turkey, Ramazan Sak (you can read his interview here), I’ve been thinking about places in the world where the majority of teachers of children are men. That’s when I was reading an article […]

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A Report: International Conference about men in early education in Berlin, Germany

The International Conference “Men in Early Childhood Education and Care” on the 27th and 28th of September 2012 in Berlin, Germany was quite an exciting event. There were people brought in from all over the world to talk about men teaching. I arrived early to the conference and was able to tour around Berlin. This […]

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Are the percentages of male teachers going up or going down?

MenTeach gets interviewed by media on a regular basis. One of the biggest challenges is when all of the interview doesn’t get included. For example, in ExchangeEveryDay, June 7, 2012, we see a headline: Male Teachers Declining. Here’s the article: “The economic downturn seems to have worsened an already vast gap between the numbers of men and […]

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Men In ECE in Canada

As a follow up to the great meeting we had in June with our friends from Ontario I submit this summary of the work they are doing and encourage you to follow the links that lead to great material. A Sault Ste. Marie/Algoma District Campaign A group of early childhood educators, with the support of […]

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Men who change nappies change the world!

[MenTeach: This article is published on, a updated site hosted by Dr Sarah-Eve Farquhar. Dr. Farquhar, who lives and works in New Zealand, has been a pioneer in researching the importance and challenges facing male teachers. You can join her site by linking here. Great job Sarah!] I remember working (we call it teaching now) with […]

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