Going on a school retreat – #4

[MenTeach Note: We’ve asked a man who just finished his teaching program to write about his teaching job. We’ll post each of his journal entries during the year. Post your comments here for him to read – and of course, wish him luck!] As I write this, I am currently laying down in a nice […]

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Kid Teacher works on his classroom – #3

  This has been an exciting week to say the least. On Tuesday, I had new teacher orientation. This two hour long meeting basically covered our insurance benefits, 401K and a TON of paperwork. I had no clue what a 401K was until Tuesday. I’ve heard the term used here and there, but I didn’t […]

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The World Series – #6

  Wow! Is time ever flying by or what?!? I’m already to the middle of October. Things are starting to get better (at least for now). The past two weeks were rather rough, but I finished off Friday on a HUGE positive note. Let’s venture back two weeks…. (it feels like a long, long time […]

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Editorial: Great Britain aims for five-fold increase in Men Teachers

I read an article about the British government working to invest in increasing the number of men teachers. There has been a growing movement in other countries to increase the number of men teaching. We’ve reported this happening in New Zealand and Australia. (Do a search for “male teacher”) It’s exciting and hopeful to see such a growth in the movement […]

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Editorial: Working Together to Recruit Men To Teach

What would happen if every man that is currently teaching were to seek out any other man in his community that is also teaching? Either in early education, elementary school or high school? And once the two men get together, talk about their work, they were to find other men. They could meet every other […]

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More Male Teachers Needed

Are your teen’s teachers male or female? Does that question ever come up for you? Do you consider whether your student is getting good role models from both sexes? Nationally, the number of male teachers in classrooms is declining, especially in elementary schools. According to Scholastic, in 1980 about 17 percent of teachers in elementary […]

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