Can you help my son be a teacher?

[MenTeach: We receive many, many e-mails asking for help. They are powerful messages about young men wanting to teach – either from their parents or the young men themselves. We usually receive hundreds of these inquiries – and we welcome them – after news reports. Here is one that we are posting anonymously.] I was […]

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Program staff should represent communities served

Women are the majority of the early care and education workforce. Recent Massachusetts workforce development policy recommendations for the early childhood field suggest that program staff reflect the diverse composition of communities served, yet men comprise less than 6% of that workforce. (Such data is not currently tracked in the Commonwealth, but nationally they constitute […]

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Number of Male Teachers Shrinking Fast

At 6 feet 5 inches tall and nearly 300 pounds, Jonathan Maiden of Lexington, Ky., is hardly the image that comes to mind of a typical preschool teacher. But ever since his childhood spent on Chicago’s South Side, working with young children has been a calling for this father of two. “My mom was a […]

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False accusations hurt male teachers

I am actually on the verge of becoming a teacher, having completed my M. Ed. program and reached the student teaching stage. My certification is pre-K — 6 and my goal is to teach upper elementary (3 – 5). I have worked off an on as a substitute teacher for several years, in between other […]

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Male teachers ‘vital role models’

Male primary school teachers are vital role models for boys, new research suggests. Almost half of men say that a male teacher has been a fundamental role model in their life, a survey commissioned by the Training and Development Agency (TDA) found. The poll of more than 800 men looked at the impact of male […]

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MenTeach – E-News – September 2008

1) Children benefit by having male teachers – read an interesting response 2) What is “male” culture? 3) New grant and loan forgiveness legislation 4) Are men in ECE really so special? 5) A plea for help: Policies against touch 6) The mistrusted male teacher – parental bias 7) It’s going GREAT! The experiences of […]

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