Dear MenTeach – How do I change careers to become a teacher?

  My name is X, I’m a 33 year old man who works in the music industry. My wife is a public high school teacher here. I am considering a career change: I feel called to work with high school kids, and I would love to coach football. Currently I’m planning to join a local […]

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Men we need you most in early childhood as a father figure in Malaysia

As time pass by and our society in Malaysia has changed their mindset, it is no longer awkward to see men working in early childhood education area. They are administration staff doing management of the centre or as full time staff and also part time staff, children will enjoy them. Firstly men are more stable […]

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Complete a survey about male teachers

Now I close to the end of collecting data for my final research. I made a survey for early childhood education program providers to fill out, but I don’t have enough responses yet. I am wondering if you know some of the resources to help me fill out this form. Please complete the survey! I […]

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Brief letter about teaching for 17 years

I first discovered MenTeach while researching men in early childhood for an online ECE class I was taking. While scouring the internet for information, I came across an article entitled “Myths About Men Who Work with Young Children.” It became a part of a larger research project, and that project led me to finding MenTeach. […]

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Inclusion of male staff working with inclusive (special needs) care in Canada

I just got this report from one of a group of ECE students (all female) that came for a 2 hour visit. The main theme of their visit was inclusion of children with additional needs, but you never miss a chance to throw in a good conversation about men in ECE (at least I never […]

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University of Wisconsin – Stout Men continue to do more.

  Remember how you suggested that I document our progress in the Men’s group? Well, over spring break I ended up writing a little bit about this process. It is from my perspective. We also had Aric Bieganek from MacPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis come to our meeting last night and he shared his […]

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