MenTeach New England Meeting in January 2015

MenTeach-NE planning session and conversation Saturday, January 17, 2015, 10-2ish @ Jerry Parr’s house in Londonderry, NH near MA border. Camaraderie, brotherhood and food! All are welcome.  

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Men Teachers Perform as Musicians

When I attended the California AEYC conference in April I won a CD by Chucky Baby and The Biscuits – “Rising Up!”. They are with a preschool called “Step One Nursery School” in Berkeley, CA with as many as 10 male teachers. I have forgotten lots of the details. But thought you might find it […]

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Earn $24,000-$32,000 stipend to get your Graduate degree at the Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR) Program

I am currently suggesting that you add RTR to your database of residency programs. Here’s a brief description of it: RTR is a program based in the inner city of Richmond, VA. In your 1st, of four-year commitment (also known as the residency year), you earn your Master’s Degree in Education (concentrations offered are Math, […]

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Patrick Romero receives First Five Award

Patrick Romero of Oakland, CA has received the First Five Award for his work as a teacher at the Mission Neighborhood Center – in San Franciso There is a great four minute vidoeo on YouTube about it. Behind every quality early education program, there are teachers who play a critical role in the lives of […]

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Get Paid: Need photographs of men teaching

Derry Koralek, the Chief Publishing Officer at NAEYC is looking for your photos of male (and female) teachers.  In her email to the M.E.N. Interest Forum below, she notes that submitting photos to NAEYC could be a way to raise funds for special projects.  Here is the link to NAEYC guidelines for any interested photographers: […]

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One man’s journey – A long term struggle to teach

I went into the teaching credential program with the understanding that elementary schools “…need and want male teachers.” I had heard this from many, many sources (including my wife, the president of the Board of Directors of the CITY, STATE Unified School District). I have now come to the understanding that while this may indeed […]

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