Men in Female-Dominated Professions Do More Housework

If you want a husband who shares housework more equitably, marry a nurse, a teacher or hair stylist–or someone who’s in a female-focused career. Men in predominantly female jobs will perform 25 percent more household chores than a partner who works in a male-dominated profession like an electrician or engineer, a study (PDF) of heterosexual couples from […]

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Editorial: A Man in Hawai’i Working during the pandemic

I work at The Early School on the island of Oahu in Hawaii as a toddler teacher in the Young Children’s Program. When we moved into the Spring Break of 2020 I was very concerned about the Corona virus. So was everyone else in Hawaii. It was the weirdest start to a Spring Break I […]

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Black Male Educators In St. Louis Have A Formula For Boosting Their Numbers

Darryl Diggs Jr. only had two African American male educators in his school years. He met the first one, a physical education teacher, in grade school — and then another, a physiology teacher, in high school. At college, he only had one black male professor. Today, Diggs, 37, finds himself in a similar position. An […]

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‘Brother Apple’ sows seeds of approval in China

Exercise videos boost acceptance of male teachers at kindergartens Kindergarten teacher “Brother Apple” set out with the intention of keeping youngsters fit during the COVID-19 epidemic, but quickly became an online icon. Xia Haoyang, who teaches at a kindergarten in Qingdao, Shandong province, kept the nickname his students had given him when he started uploading […]

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Black Male Teacher Creates Online Hustle University To Support Parents Struggling With Crisis Fatigue

Hotep left his kindergarten classroom to start Hustle University so he could help low-performing schools across the United States. For this tumultuous school year, he is revealing his latest solution: Hustle U Homeschool; an online portal providing social and emotional educational resources to families struggling with the “new normal”. Hotep created his online homeschool after […]

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Male Teachers Weigh in on Teaching During Coronavirus Pandemic in California

When a global pandemic interrupted the school year in March, teachers had to trade in their classrooms for Zoom calls and teach students from behind a screen with little time to prepare. Now after six months – several schools have opened up in Orange County through waivers and school districts might soon be given the […]

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